The Cypriot gastronomy has amazed us since we arrived... food with flavour and love. Spices and local products have an important place at the Cypriot table. Eating together is a ritual that Cypriots still cherish no matter the passing of time. The food is simple but rich: healthy, nutricious, natural and surprising. We were pleasantly surprised by many vegetables, various types of meat, the way bread is baked, the use of spices and the good wine.

The cypriot food uses fresh vegetables such as zucchinigreen peppersgreen beans, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce and grape leaves, peasblack-eyed beanschick-peas and lentils. Fruit is also used in cooking the dishes: pearsapplesgrapesorangesMandarin orangesnectarinesblackberriescherriesstrawberriesfigswatermelonmelonavocadocitruslemonpistachioalmondchestnutwalnut and hazelnut.