Game nr 1 made by Maja Jabczynska from Szkola Podstawowa nr 9 POLAND (click here)

Game Nr. 2 made by Domas Stonis, Lithuania.

In Safety Maze your goal is to go trough all the mazes while answering questions. If you make a mistake there will be a penalty. To play the game click here and download the file and unzip it. Do not take any of the files out of the unzipped file. Once you open the folder open the .exe file.

To unzip all the contents of the zipped folder, right-click the folder, select Extract All, and then follow the instructions.

Game Nr. 3 The computer game about safety prepared by Doruk Berk Bekar
In this game who is studying at Trabzon Yol-İş Sendikası Secondary School, when the cat encounters obstacles, the questions must be answered. To play the game click here

Game Nr. 4 Students from Greece create, frame by frame, an online game about safety on Scracth!

Their goal is to give through a playful way useful advices about different scenarios that can be dangerous. To play the online game you have to move the figure – person with the arrows towards the correct answer.

To play click : 1st scenario, 2nd scenario, 3rd scenario, 4th scenario.