Teacher’s Mobility 11-15 of February 2019
Katerini - Greece
Erasmus +  Young European
A Conscious and Safe Citizen of the World

On Monday morning 11/2 and upon arrival of the partners to our school they were given a tour of the school. We visited the kindergarten and the nursery school, then the elementary school and we finished with our high school. After the tour the partners attended a lesson that was given by a teacher of our school on the subject of mountain hiking safety and was continued by a presentation from expert from a local mountaineering association on how to safely organize a mountain hiking… After lunch at school the partners had a meeting to discuss the progress of the project.

On Tuesday 12/2 the partnership took a trip to the city of Edessa where we saw the spectacular waterfall of Edessa which is also considered as the biggest waterfall in the Balkans… After Edessa we visited the thermal baths in Pozar where we enjoyed the beautiful natural thermal springs and where several of the partners had the chance to enjoy these baths.

On Wednesday 13/2 we spend the whole morning at school where the partners attended a lesson that was given by a teacher of our school on the subject of safety in the internet and was followed by a presentation on the same subject by an expert on this field.

After lunch in our school the partnership visited Litohoro which is a town on the foot of the mythological mountain Olympus – home of the 12 ancient Greek Gods – and we did some mountain walking. During this short excursion we also visited a women monastery with a spectacular view of mountain Olympus.

After the end of this short excursion to mountain Olympus we returned to school where we continued with the meeting among the partners dealing with issues that had to do with the organization of our next meeting which is to take place in Trabzon, Turkey from 01/4 – 5/4.

On Thursday 14/2 the partnership visited Thessaloniki which is the second biggest city in Greece after Athens… During our tour of Thessaloniki we visited the Cathedral of Thessaloniki St. Dimitrios, the birth house o Ataturk, the Rotonda, the Galerious Arch, The ruins of Galerious Palace, the White Tower and the Aristotelous Square…

Friday 15/2 was a departure day for the partners… Another successful meeting under the guidance of our Polish coordinator Mr. Jacek Bochenek came to an end. We can’t wait to see each other again in Turkey, Trabzon…