Jurgis Miksas Basic school

       Our school is near the main road from Klaipeda to Silute. The full name of our school is Jurgis Miksas Basic school. Students from surrounding villages  learn there.

     Jurgita Lidžiuvienė is the headmaster of the school from February 2013. Stanislova Baltutienė (the headmaster‘s deputy of education) and Pranas Barkauskas (the headmaster‘s deputy of property) were selected by competition.










  The school has also got the bookkeeper, the head office, the health care professional, the computer professional, the cleaning staff, building maintenance workers,  the school bus driver and staff who is responsible for the heating. About 50 people in total work here.

      There are 168 students in our school. Grades 1-4 have 70 students, 5-10 grades have 98 students. There are 77 girls and 91 boys.

      31 educators (teachers) work at school: 8 of them have a category of methodologist, 17 are senior teachers and 6 just teachers. Such experts as :a social educator, a speech therapist, a special educator, a teacher‘s assistant and a psychologist can help our students.

      Our school is nice, safe and hospitable.