The Mobility in Cyprus took place on the 15th of October, 2018 until the 19th of October 2018.  We had five creative and educational days.  The main focus of our lessons were fire and road safety.  Apart from the lessons given to the students, we has some work time that focused on E-tools.  

Monday, October 15

After a warm welcoming, with songs and gift exchange, we created a Friendship tree using paint and our palms.  The first lesson on road safety took place followed by the practical excrcise of road crossing and safe use of bicycles.  

After that, we went for a tour at the Hatzigiorki Mills museum, where we made bread and danced traditional Cypriot dances.

Tuesday, October 16

 A fire drill took place with the collaboration of the fire department and the hospital.  The school was evacuated safely and the fire fighters put out the fire.  The scenario talked about an injured student that the ambulance picked up and treated.  The event was filmed by the local TV stations and was aired during the evening news.

In the afternoon we worked on the creation of a simple e-learning application.  Quizzes were created online from the questions the students created on the subject of multiculturalism and safety.

Wednesday, October 17

Early in the morning, we visited the Derynia Observatory and the Elementary School Dasos Achnas "Fotis PIttas".  Later on, there was a presentation of our end of the year's school play. After the play, we walked to Achironas of Liopetri to see the historical monument that was created to honour the war heroes.

Another work meeting took place in the afternoon, in which responsibilities and future tasks were discussed.  All partner countries exchanged their puzzles that were prepared by the students.

Thursday, October 18

On this day there was an excursion to Nicosia were we visited the Presiential Palace and the Green Line.  In the afternoon we ended up in Larnaca and spent the evening there visiting several historical monuments.

Friday, October 19

On Friday the mobility finished with the tour of the sea museum, the caves, Ayia Napa monastery and the beach.