Our country has 38.5 million people and is the 34th most populous place in the world, and 6th in the European Union. The capital of Poland is Warsaw. The emblem of our country is a white eagle with a crown placed on a red background. White and red are also the colors of our national flag. The currency of our country is 1złoty.

Pomerania is a historical region for Poland and Germany. It lies at the mouth of Reknica river, Oder and Vistula to the Baltic Sea. Name of the region comes from the geographical position of "lying land by the sea or near the sea" or "land reaching  the sea." Slupsk is the Middle Pomerania. Principal urban complex of the TriCity region is  Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. 

From our city it is close to seaside resorts such as Ustka, Rowy and Łeba. Between Rowy and Łeba there’s the Slowinski National Park, where you can admire the moving dunes. Baltic Sea or Balticis called Mediterranean Sea in northern Europe, because from all sides it is surrounded by land, and connected to the North Sea with only a few shallow straits. Baltic Sea area is about 415 266 km ². The volume of the sea is 21  721 km ³.

In Slupsk there is a nice shopping center, Cinema, a bowling alley, a few ("eagles") football pitches under the open sky. In our town there are a lot of greenery. You can have fun and relax in two large parks, ropes course, train on a modern stadium and a ellequipped sports sports hall. 

Our school is located in the city center. The full name is: Lieutenant Commander Stanisława Hryniewieckiego Primary School No. 9. Children from 6 to 14 years old are learning here. We have. 302 pupils and 45 teachers. Our school isn’t big, but it is safe, because everyone know.