Play and learn


  It is much easier to learn while playing. Project Erasmus+ “The young European – A Conscious and Safe Citizen of the World” created a perfect opportunity to play while learning. Pupils of Saugos Jurgis Mikšas basic school were creating games about safety.

  In total kids created three games. Ainoras Gedminas and Žygimantas Paulauskas created a game “Learn about the world”. Ugnė Lidžiūtė and Austėja Andriuškaitė created a game “Know how to be safe”. Martynas Šadagys decided to explore building site safety rules. His game called “Construction site safety”.

Cyber crimes

            Sitting at home in front of a computer one can also become a victim of a crime – cyber crime. Klaipėda district prosecutor‘s departamente senior prosecutor Simonas Minkevičius  visited Saugos Jurgis Mikšas basic school  on the 31st of January. He explained how to avoid cyber crime and what to do if one had been effected.


Erasmus + Project: Dissemination of Positive Experience

    Students and teachers from Jurgis Miksas Basic school attended in the national conference "Erasmus + Dissemination of Positive Experience which was in Taurage „Šaltinis“ progymnasium. The team prepared a presentation entitled "Young European - a safe and conscious citizen of the world" and shared the dissemination of positive experience. Eighteen interesting presentations were presented by participants from different cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Šiauliai, Tauragė, Šilalė, Naujosios Akmenės and ..Everyone was delighted because such conferences are very useful for everybody.

      Children's drawings usually remain in drawers, but not today. During this Erasmus + project, the drawings were turned in to digital puzzles, later to real puzzles. It's fun to solve your own puzzles and even more fun to solve the puzzles of our partner countries.
      A big thank you to all of these countries: Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Turkey and Portugal.

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