A.H was 11 years old when a civil war forced her to escape from Syria in 2016 and lose her home and country.  She now lives in a small village in Cyprus with her mother and her two sisters, where she's a students at Special School Apostolos Varnavas Ammochostou.  Her mother was interviewed regarding their escape from Syria, since A.H is unable to communicate using speech or language.

  1. Mrs S. why did y decide to leave Syria?We decided to leave Syria because of the war.  When the war began in Syria, everything changed.  We had no access to our basic needs like food, my children had no access to education and I couldn't work.  We were all worried about bombing.  We were afraid that at any time we could die.  We had no choice but to escape from Syria.  We decided to go to a refugee camp in Jordan near Syria.  
  2. How was your life in the refugee camp?Things were very difficult.  We lived in a tent, there was no electricity, and we had to bring water from a very distant place.  We started everything from zero, to make friends, to make relationships with our neighbours.  
  3.  Then, how did you decide to come to Cyprus?After living in the refugee camp for two yeas, we had the chance to come to Cyprus.  The first reason is that we feel safe and the second is that the girls can have access to education.  We all feel lucky because my three girls are able to to go school every day and I wish every refugee child all over the world can have access to the same right.
  4. Why do you consider education to be so important? I consider education important for everyone, because is the only way that helps us build our communities and face the challenges in our lives.  Unfortunately, in my culture some people think that it doesn't matter for girls to be educated.  They believe that it's better for them to sit at home to do cleaning, washing dishes or raise children.  When women are educated, they can teach their children and give them knowledge.  When women are not strong, then we can't have healthy and safe communities.
  5. In many countries there is often a stigma against refugees.  What do you want people to know about refugees? Refugees are normal people like other people.  It's not our choice to become refugees, but it is our choice to go to safe place, start a new life and live a safe life.  We believe in life and we want to survive, to have hope and have rights.