Interview with a Foreign Student

Project “The young European – a conscious and safe citizen of the world” devotes a lot of energy to address problems foreign pupils may face while integrating in schools. The task was to interview a foreign student. In our school there are no foreign students, so project manager Banga Sabaliauskiene interviewed Aleksandras and Andrius Mcivor. The twins mother is Lithuanian and their father is Scottish. In their family life the boys embrace both nations traditions and culture. Aleksandras and Andrius speak Lithuanian and English. But both agree, that Lithuanian language is easier. The boys were born in Lithuania. They have both countries   nationalities and visit Scotland regularly. The boys are proud of their heritage. They told to Banga Sabaliauskienė that they have friends in Lithuania, and in Scotland. Andrius and Aleksandras like their school and feel safe in it, because they know exactly where to get help if needed.