Safety on Road Activities

  • Each student was supplied with a large piece of paper and a hexagon shaped pattern on the paper. They wrote the word “STOP" onto the middle of the sign. Students put color the sign RED.

Activity’s goal is to teach students that a red Stop sign that they must stop look around and wait until it is safe to proceed.

  • Each student was supplied with a traffic light, black and white patterned shape on a large piece of paper. Students were allowed to color the traffic light in the proper colors.
  • Top Light: RED – This means you must stop on the line and wait until the light changes to green.
  • Middle Light: YELLOW – This means you must slow down and come to a stop on the line.
  • Bottom Light: GREEN – This means it is safe to proceed in your desired direction.

Activity’s goal is to teach students what the street lights mean and how to cross safely the road.


Multiculturalism Activity

  • All students watched a video with folk dances from foreign countries and listened their folk music. After that they tried to dance these dances with the help of Physical Education Teacher.

Activity’s goal is to teach students that the culture unite the people.

  • We visited our school’s kitchen and tried to cook traditional dishes from other countries. The students in order to be appropriate prepared previously watched video on the way they have to follow in order to cool efficiently the dishes.

Activity’s goal is to teach students that we have to be open-minded and try some different habits like a foreign traditional dish.



These activities were supervised by Ioannis Pitsias

Primary Teacher, Special Education Teacher – Teacher for kids with Special Needs