“The Young European! A Conscious and Safe Citizen of the World “ Erasmus + project final meeting was held between the dates 02.04.2019 and 05.04.2019 in Trabzon/Turkey. On the first day of the mobility, partners were taken to Yol-İş Sendikası Secondary School. Guests were presented a short welcoming performance that included cultural items and they had a school tour soon after. After having a short break, they attended a lesson on multiculturalism and social tolerance by Gökhan Karakuş. In the music class, students showed a rhythm performance with plastic glasses to the partners and one of the special students at school played the piano. Partners also had an art class workshop showing the steps of making Ebru- a traditional Turkish  art- and they had a chance to perform it. When all these tasks were over, guests visited Atatürk Pavilion, Hagia Sophia Church and Akçaabat Ortamahalle Houses.  On the second day of the mobility, a cultural trip to Sumela Monastery and Karaca Cave was organised. On the third day, Duygu Berigel-ITC teacher- presented a lesson on Cyber Safety with the participation of teachers and students. Right after that, partners joined robotic competitions at school. A meeting was made at school as an end of mobility event. In that meeting, teachers were informed about the end of project activities and the European Day of Culture. Th 3. Project newspaper prepared by Cyprus team was examined. Lithuanian partners showed the results of traditional folk dances competition organised by partner schools. Teachers reached a consensus on the planning of the process. After giving some gifts to each other, teachers left the school.