Greece’s game about safety: “School Cool”


Our students with great interest create a board game about safety on the road.

Regulation of the game:

Age: 7+

People: 2-6

The game consists of: a game board, two dices, 6 pawns and 9 action cards.

Purpose of the game: Children set off from their home and through fun adventures, they have to reach their school.

Game rules: The players begin from the starting point, which is their house. To move forward, they roll the dices and depending on the number they carry, they move on the road lanes. Whoever reaches the school first, wins.

  1. Move according to the road lanes.
  2. Follow the signs.
  3. At each traffic light or zebra cross, the player loses their turn.
  4. Once you've stepped on the “ice”, take 6 steps back.
  5. Where you come across obstacles or rocks, take 2 steps back to avoid landslides.
  6. The destination is the side entrance of the school.
  7. Each time the player rolls a double dice, they draw a card.

Action cards


  • You went to school by bicycle but you didn’t wear a helmet. Take 4 steps back
  • You got a green traffic light. Take 2 steps forward.
  • In your area there are road constructions taking place. You lose your turn for the next two rounds.
  • You passed through a red traffic light without checking. Go back to the starting point.
  • You missed the school bus. Take back half the steps of what you see in your dice.
  • You didn’t keep your eyes on the road and you flipped into a dead end. Take 4 steps back.
  • You helped an old lady cross the street. Take 3 steps forward.
  • You went for a ride to the wheel without escort. To finish the game you have to roll the exact number needed to reach your destination.
  • Instead of going to school, you went skating without your equipment, go back to the starting point.