Cyber crimes

            Sitting at home in front of a computer one can also become a victim of a crime – cyber crime. Klaipėda district prosecutor‘s departamente senior prosecutor Simonas Minkevičius  visited Saugos Jurgis Mikšas basic school  on the 31st of January. He explained how to avoid cyber crime and what to do if one had been effected.

            The number of cyber crimes is increasing every year. It can be money laundering, thefts from bank accounts, stealing personal data and so on. Senior prosecutor S. Minkevičius explained some basic rules everyone should remember. Do not click on suspicious links. Try and find out real identities of people you communicate with on the internet. Think what personal details you are putting on internet.

            If the worst happened and you did become a victim, always seek help. If you contact police in time and hold on to evidence, police have much greater chance catching a criminal.

            Always remember: computer can be used not just for fun or work, but for crime too. 

                                                                                            Lithuanian teacher Loreta Mcivor